The Central European Institute of Research and Strategic Analysis (CIRSA) is an independent think-tank founded to propagate and support a development of researches over a subject-matter of a state functioning and international relations.

The Institute set itself the following specific goals: encouragement, pursuit and popularization of studies on functioning of contemporary states in political, economic, legal and social contexts; endorsement and dissemination of researches into issue of geopolitics and a development of modern-day international relations; support, researching as well as promotion of studies on questions of political security, economic security, social security, IT security, health security  in present world; Supporting, promoting and developing various forms of education, including adult education, both stationary and distance learning, conducting research and analyzes, and implementing good practices in this area; promoting of democratic values, human rights, law-abindingness, ethics and morality in politics as well as public activity.

Its objectives the Institute realizes in particular through: organization of congresses, conferences, symposia, seminars, research workshops and discussion panels; publishing monographs and journals; managing internet portal, redacting experts reports; conducting informational and promotional along with educational and training activity; cooperation with local and central authorities as well as with mass media; liaison with universities and institutions of related activity  profile both domestic and foreign.

The Institute’s achievements include:

  • the main organization of 3 international academic/expert conferences dedicated to the geopolitics of the Intermarium area (2019), the socio-economic and medical consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic (2022) and the Russian-Ukrainian war (2023), each of which gathered participants from several countries, even as distant as such as the USA, India or Brazil,
  • co-organization of several smaller conferences, symposia and seminars in Poland, Ukraine and Romania,
  • participation in several scientific and specialized projects implemented with funds from the National Center for Research and Development (Poland), Erasmus+ and others,
  • expert reports and analyzes commissioned by business entities.

Środkowoeuropejski Instytut Badań i Analiz Strategicznych