Programme Council

VBLt. Gen. (r)  Virgil Bălăceanu, PhD, BEng

academic teacher, military analyst, he belonged to strict leadership of the Romanian army, the chairman of the Association of the Officers of Reserve, specialist in the area of military studies, strategic planning and geopolitics

makar-mudJurij Makar, PhD, DSc, Prof.Tit.

historian, political scientist, professor of the Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University, specialist in the field of Ukraine’s history, international relations (including Polish-Ukrainian relations), European integration

pietrzyk01Maj. Gen. (r) Andrzej Pietrzyk, MSc BEng

academic teacher, military analyst, he belonged to the management cadres of the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces, expert in military, security and strategic planning

Jarosław_Rusiecki_Kancelaria_Senatu_2015Senator Jarosław Rusiecki

sociologist, politician; Member of Parliament over the years 2005-2015, senator since 2015, the chairman of the Senate National Defence Committee, a pundit in the area of legal grounds of security and defence industry

sulek-31626_200x200Mirosław Sułek, PhD, DSc, Prof.Tit.

economist, political scientist, scholar in security studies, professor of Warsaw University, a specialist in the field of startegic studies, defence programming, powernomics and powermetrics

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